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Staged homes sell for 20% more.


here is how we work

occupied staging

we work with your existing pieces

 The process is simple. We schedule a brief phone consultation, and set up a virtual or at home tour of your listing. Next and we provide a small but strategic list of items for you to tackle to get "Sell Ready". Once completed, we come out to complete the final staging process by utilizing your current furniture and pieces to create that perfect "Sell Ready" look.(Without buying new items!) It can be a challenge to sell your home while you’re still living in it, but with a dedicated and affordable stager we can make a big difference!

At Austin Luxe Staging and Design we believe that every space has the potential to become unique, harmonial and help you receive top dollar for your if you are selling your house.

occupied staging

we work with your existing pieces

Staging doesn't have to be new pieces! We use our expertise to help you with the right furniture layout which can make spaces look more spacious and more inviting. When you already have furniture and pieces to work with, our expert team can determine the right staging plan for each space. We have a proven process that is quick, afforadble to help you sell your house for top dollar. 


fresh new design 

let us help you create a new interior design 



Let us reinvent and transform a single common space or your entire home to be the temple and escape you need and deserve! 

Every space is our passion! We will help you create your vision of your entire home or as simple as your office, or bedroom to be your place of  escape your vision.  Every project is handled with passion and a desire to fulfill your new space. 

Design and embarque in a novel and fresh design in your new home!

 Let us help you recreate the zen, balance

and style in your home by utilizing and  & re-arranging your existing decor and furniture to other rooms to create a new look! 


Your home is your place of peace,

fun, and where you will create endless memories. 



















Stacy Campana, OWNER 

ph: 512-788-4998 | e:

Downtown Austin | 2307 Lake Austin Blvd. Austin, TX 78705

          |re-balance|  re-Style  |re-arrange  |de-clutter|

Stacy Campana
Principal / Owner

Interior Designs



We listed our home and had no idea how to declutter and make our home have a "staged appeal". We did not want to spend any money on staging however, we were referred to Stacy as our friends said she completely takes your existing furniture and decor and rearranges what you already have into different rooms to give it more style which I would have never thought of to do. We were beyond impressed with how quickly she was able to review all we had and took different items from diff. rooms moved which made more sense and design.h Our house looked so amazing! we paid her for her time only and ended up with 2 offers within a week after her help!  Her pricing is way less than you think and she helped us get rid of so much stuff!

-Sarah and Johnson C.


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Tel: 512-788-4998

Downtown Austin |2307 Lake Austin Blvd.| Austin, TX 78703

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